Storage Items

No matter what you are looking to store, Homer City Intown Storage is perfect for you. Utilize our units to store all types of items, including:

Home Items:
• Used Appliances
• Household Goods
• Glassware
• Appliances
• Electronics
• Winter/Summer outdoor items

• Used Furniture
• Office Furniture
• Store Furniture

Industrial & Commercial:
• Tools
• School Items
• Machinery & Equipment
• Commercial Properties
• Construction Equipment
• Office Inventories
• Store stock

• Cars
• Boats
• Motorcycles
• 4 wheelers


DO NOT store combustable items such as old paint, cleaning fluids, gasoline, etc. Make sure all fuel is removed from gasoline power equipment.

DO NOT store perishable goods such as cereal, macaroni, pasta, snack foods, etc. in the unit. Clean grease and food from pots, pans, dishes, small appliances, etc.


Clear up room in your driveway with our dependable car storage. Our units are big enough to fit that vehicle that has been taking up space for far too long. In order to store your ride with us, a handful of requirements must be met. When you come see us, you must present the vehicle title and it must match the renter. Additionally, the vehicle must be running and be properly insured and registered. Once those are fulfilled, you are free to store your car with us. Our vehicle storage includes:

• Autos
• Antique & Classic Cars
• Boats • Trailers • Motorcycles


• If you plan to have access to items in your unit, leave sufficient room to enter the unit and move around inside.
• You may want to put plastic or a tarp on the floor of the unit.
• Leave space around your boxes, furniture, etc. for ample air circulation.
• Put lighter items and boxes to the back of the unit with heavier items to the front.
• Protect mattresses, sofas, and other upholstered items with covers.
• Check with your insurance agent to be sure your goods are insured while in storage.
• Use a sturdy lock.

Contact us to make sure your goods are safe at our storage facility.